Welcome to SteakEat Store

Heya SteakEater,

Thumbs Up to You, dear SteakEater! :)As you might know, my name is Artem and I am a pro when it comes to cooking steaks.

I cooked tons of steaks (quite literally) and founded SteakEat.com, which is a website that (at the moment of writing) helps over 100,000 people all over the world cook a perfect steak every single time.

However I am not going to talk about myself here, because that's not this site is for. :)


Please Welcome - the SteakEat Store

As you might imagine, I get quite a few emails on a daily basis and many of them include similar questions.

  • Which meat thermometer would you recommend?
  • How to choose the right skillet?
  • Have you any recipe suggestions for prime rib?
And so the list goes.
Even though I may take some time to answer these emails, I do so fully and always provide a lot of details, so that the person I help can make the best steak happen. Every time.
It might sound weird, but it's true.
I realized that Steak Aficionados, that found themselves on my site, want to know which tools, ingredients and accessories I use to make my steak cooking perfect.
In order to help the community by offering the best value I created this store for you.
The SteakEat Store is for You.
Everything you find on the pages of the Store (e.g. steaks, utensils, accessories...) I either used before, use now or would use in future.



The Healthy Recipes

Looking for healthy steak recipes?

I highly recommend Metabolic Cooking - over 250 recipes that not only include steak, but help you burn fat in a healthy AND delicious manner.

Check them out!